Wondering what type of websites to create for an online business?

To create a profitable website that makes money you need a lot of things. The right kind of site, a good idea, and examples of success are among the first things you have to think about.

This page contains a list of 21 types of websites with the best examples of some of the most profitable sites worldwide.

Use them to get suggestions and inspiration for your own business or to develop your company’s online marketing presence.

If you also need a good and niche topic for your site, you can take a look at our previous post 101 website ideas for online business.

Most of the listed types below do not require any programming skills because you can create them with a CMS platform such as WordPress. As you may know, WordPress has plugins for almost everything.

21 Types of Websites That Make Money: Examples Of Success

1.Business Website
These days, a business website is essential for a company’s success. (no matter if the company is small or large.). Business Website is that type of site that present companies and give information about their products and services.
ExamplesSRMCThe Wonderful Company. These are some of the most beautiful corporate websites.

 2. eCommerce

- If you want to sell goods online, you need an e-commerce enabled website. This can be a brand new or an existing site to which you can add e-commerce shopping cart.
ExampleReebok E-CommerceStella McCartney are among the very best e-Commerce web sites.

 3. Blog or Personal Website

- The Blog is a website where you can express yourself (your thoughts, knowledge, dreams, wishes, and etc.) to the world. If you are going to create a blog or personal website, there are plenty of tutorials, ideas, platforms, and tools on the internet to teach you.
Example:One of the greatest examples of the most profitable blogs is Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn.

 4. Job Board

- You can create niche job sites (by industry or location), non-niche job site or you can create a job board on your business website. They are among the types of websites that can make a lot of money.

 5. Portfolio Websites

- This is a place to showcase your work. To make money of this kind of site, include stunning image galleries, and beautiful sliders.
Examples:Benjamin Guedj and P.O.C. By Pier-Luc are among the best examples of unique portfolio design.

Personal portfolio resume template

6. Coupon Website

- Coupon websites are so popular. They are the best example for online advertising sites that use direct marketing to facilitate group-buying deals. In addition, they are among the best types of websites that make money.

Examples:The Krazy Koupon LadyCoupons

 7. Niche Affiliate Websites

This also is among the best website types to help you create a profitable online business. You can earn money from commissions by referring your users to products and services offered by a company.
Examples of successful affiliate websites: Kitchenfaucetdivas.comMoneySavingExpert.com

 8. Podcasting Websites

- A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually digital audio or video. Podcasting Websites are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they have many advantages (such as saving visitor’s time). Furthermore, they are a great way to make money online.
ExamplesLibsynThe Startup Chat. Excellent podcasting websites.

 9. Photography Websites

If you are a professional or amateur photographer, you can make a photography website with albums, captions, slideshows, and etc.
Examples: Daniel Kennedy PhotographyEast Photographic. Really beautiful and inspiring photography sites.

 10. Auction Websites

You can create a successful online business with that types of websites. What is your idea of selling? Jewelry, car, clothing, domains, books?  You can build an online auction for a wide range of products.
Examples:eBayShopGoodwill– some of the top online auction websites for good deals.

11. Online Communities

You know that online communities are really valuable places for many people worldwide. If you want to do business with an online community, make sure to build it clear, effective, helpful, and important for its members.
Examples: MumsnetStudentRoom –  thriving online communities.

12.Business Directory
You can create a business directory categorized by business, location, size or activity.
ExamplesYellow PagesSuper Pages – great online directories that are easy to navigate and useful for visitors.Template landing page with laptop

13. Question & Answer Website

These types of websites are some of the most helpful sites for people. You may want to create a niche question & answer website dedicated to a topic or a website that answers a wide specter of problems. With appropriate adds, you can turn this website in a good way to make money.
Examples: AllExperts, 

14. Answers Knowledgebase / Wiki-Like Websites

You may want to create a brand new website or a section with a knowledge base or wiki-like articles to an existing site.
ExamplesAbout.comWikipedia– the best examples here.

15. Event Websites

Despite the fact that Facebook or Eventbrite are the most popular online places to organize events, event websites can offer lots of history and information, as well as creating a consistent brand.
ExamplesBumbershootLeprechaun Chase are among the most creative and inspiring websites for events.

16. News Sites

As the main type of information websites, news sites are dedicated to news, politics, and commentary.
ExamplesNew York Times and HuffingtonPostare some of the most popular news types of websites.

Digital marketing landing page

17. Search Engine Websites

Besides Google and Bing, there are other search engines that may not be so popular but still serve millions of search queries per day. If you consider creating a search engine type of website, maybe the best option is to do it for a special niche. Google is still unbeatable search engine giant.
ExamplesAsk.comAOL.com– these old time search engines are still in the top 10 list.

18. Video Websites

Why not create a video website? Videos are an easy-to-understand method to express yourself, give information or teaching people. As well as, you can use video to present company or brand, to give information about products and etc.
ExamplesYouTubeNetFlix. You know that these are the best examples here.

19. User-Generated News Websites

This type of website is becoming more and more popular. User-Generated News Websites can generate really high traffic. Visitors can upload and share text, pictures, and videos. There are many CMS platforms that allow you easily build a user-generated news site.
Examples:Reddit and Demotix.

20. Visual Storytelling Websites

These types of websites are a powerful approach that can make users convert extremely effectively. To create a visual storytelling website, you need to put your story in a beautiful and memorable design.
ExamplesImgurOlimpic Story

 21. Film Review Websites

These types are very valuable and appreciated by people. Visitors can share their thoughts and feelings of the films. Moreover, film review websites can be turned is a high profitable business that makes a lot of money for the owners of the site.
ExamplesIMDband Guardianare some of the top film review websites.


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